Friday, 15 April 2016

United States of Japan

They say you should never judge a book by its cover, but when I saw the book United States of Japan by Peter Tieryas I just had to buy it.  The question though is the story as good as the cover promises?  Unfortunately, I can't tell you because I got to page 143 and had to stop.  I read the end and that was even less convincing so I put the book down unfinished.  Ultimately, it came down to various things within the novel that threw me out of the narrative and by page 143 I was fed up with reading the book.  I've thought about saying a lot more things about why, but decided that muzukashi desu neh – it is difficult – sums up my position.  So, in short, not my cup of tea, it may be yours.

Sorry to be so negative, but look at that cover.  Isn't it awesome.

You can now read an article of mine on Galactic Journey.  I'm very pleased to have been invited to write for Tak Hallus's blog and you can expect to see more from me.  I imagine once a month but could be wrong.

Writing wise, I been working through Ghost Dog doing an out loud read through, which is harder than it sounds.  I only managed to edit 15,429 words this week because of the day job, which is going OK and makes me think about stuff that I may even get around to writing about at some point.  So that's it for another week, see you all on the bounce.

NB: This review is a learning experience, in that it made me realize I don't have to write reviews of things I don't like. After all, my opinion is no more valuable than anyone else's.

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