Monday, 20 March 2017

The March of Time

Cue the music for the news and ask where has all the time gone?

Well, I can at least point you all to this months Galactic Journey piece I did on the 1962 British Eastercon.  When writing this I found it remarkable that a lot of the things that are going on in SF fandom now are very similar to what was going in in SF fandom then.  Especially, in my case, watching parts of fandom splitting apart over what I would observe as things that are not controllable.

Hence my link to The March of Time video, things may look old fashioned in the film newsreel, but it's the same stuff we are still doing today–living our lives as best we can in a world we can't control.

I've been taking some time out to do hobby stuff, which can be seen over on my other blog where I keep all the stuff about my addiction to toy soldiers and playing games.  I've been making up some 20 plus year old Heavy Gear game miniatures and having a blast while doing so.  I find working with my hands very relaxing, and it gives me space to let my mind wander.

And the wonder is that when the mind wanders thoughts appear.  Ideas stream in from the dark recesses of the mind, and some are even worth writing down, to be incorporated into my novels.   As I have said before, I have drafts of both the sequels to my first novel done, but while I have an idea of an outline of where the series goes, nothing is yet set down.  Some of my ideas are elusive things that I can't quite get to grips with or, I can see that I haven't quite gone far enough in working out all the ramifications of the idea.

So, one word after another, I will carry on with the next chapter of Strike Dog, my plan being to rewrite a scene from another character's perspective.


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