Monday, 18 July 2022

Eric Flint RIP

Eric Flint died yesterday age 75. This hits home that none of us are getting any younger.
His Jao empire trilogy being one of my favourites: The Course of Empire and The Crucible of Empire written with K. D. Wentworth who tragically died at the young age of 61 was a brilliant story. The third book, The Span of Empire with David Carrico gave me hope that the series would continue.
Alas, alack... all good things come to an end.
Eric's passion for collaborating collaborations with other writers, was such a good way to find new writers to read too. It's how I found David Freer's work.
Eric was a great writer,  a good man, and he will be missed.

More info  about his books at the SF Encyclopedia.


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