Friday, 22 April 2016

The Course of Empire

After last week I started another book – The Course of Empire by Eric Flint & K. D. Wentworth, which meant I didn't get very far into the story and because I only tend to read on Sundays meant it took me longer to finish it.  Eric Flint is one of those authors who seems to write a lot of books with other people: or perhaps I should say other people write books with him?  As such, it makes it difficult to know what part of a book's story is down to which writer.  This bugs me because I like to get inside the head of an author through their writing.

However, saying that I enjoyed his Boundary series, written with Ryk E. Spoor, and I needed something to dispel the disappointment from giving up on the last week's book.

I really enjoyed The Course of Empire.  It wasn't the page turner in the way that say a Jim Butcher novel grabs one, but I found myself drawn to pick up the book over the course of the week and read a few more pages (so much so that I spent time reading it when I should have been working on Ghost Dog).  By the end of the novel I wanted to read the sequel, which my partner Susan had gone and ordered, while I was still ensconced in the story of the Jao occupation of Terra.  There's also a third volume coming out, stalled for several years by the fact that K. D. Wentworth died, called Span of Empire with a new co-author – David Carrico – coming out in September of this year.  It will be interesting to see how the change of co-author affects the telling of the story.

Other than that I've done diddly-squat this week on my own novel.  Hopefully next week will be more productive.  Catch you all later.

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