The World of Drei Series

War is the father of us all, king of all. Some it makes gods, some it makes men, some it makes slaves, some free.

This is a series of short stories and novelettes set in my World of Drei setting about The Last War; the war to end all wars. Inspired by Keith Laumer's Bolo series, the story is set much closer to now, and it's my take on artificial super intelligence's and their impact on how it changes the nature of war.

Currently this series has four stories:
Terror Tree
Mission One 
Break Out 
 Links to each can be found in the sidebar.


Very interesting. The character is an AI. Looking forward to more from Ashley. She is a very talented writer and story teller.

This excerpt has done nothing other than whet my appetite for the rest of the book when it comes out. I was given a copy to review. I must say it was a quick and engaging read. Very enjoyable.

I really enjoyed this short story, the writer was able to bring the cold logical voice of the AI into the narrative and tell a story in the first person, which is no mean feat.

the reader is left wondering about the back story of this conflict as we only see it from the tanks perspective as it returns to combat, learning more and more on each occasion.

the first chapter of the next book, that is included has also wet my appetite and I'm looking forward to finding out more about this universe

An interesting POV take on where the future of AI driven armoured combat could go.

Particularly apposite with the recent news that Russia's military has a new armed robot tank (the Nerehta, which can be fitted with a 12.7mm or 7.62mm machine gun or an AG-30M grenade launcher) that outperformed manned vehicles in recent exercises, Colonel Oleg Pomazuev told the Russian news site Military Review, as well as Russia's taking a hard-line on the United Nations' proposed ban of Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems (LAWS).

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