Friday, 8 April 2016

Summer Knight

I have finished the next Jim Butcher book, and yes as usual I'm late to the series, but hey I got there in the end.  I'm not a critic, I'm a writer and so what I say is from this perspective.

I read Summer Knight in one day and Jim Butcher manages to draw me in despite the fact the books are light on rockets, robots, rayguns or 9mm gun action.  However, there is something compelling about the world that Harry Dresden lives in.  More importantly Jim Butcher clearly has a plot, and by plot I mean a story arc for the series that drives the narrative forward.  It doesn't hurt that his writing is smooth, like treacle running down the side of a glass: it makes you want to know more – and he avoids obvious denouements – in short he surprises me.  I'm always picking apart plots and thinking about how something is going to be resolved, so it's nice to have a book end in a way that surprises me.

I've even bought the sequel, and it waits on my to be read pile.  I can't give a better recommendation than that.

As for my writing, I've just finished off revising an article that was commissioned, which I will tell you about more later when it's announced/published.  Now it's back to work on polishing my third novel, resisting the temptations of starting a new story, which is hard because there's something compelling about facing icy wastes.  So this week ends with 17,825 words edited and I'm now at the beginning of Act 3 of Ghost Dog.

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