Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Work in Progress: 1st Apr 2015

Over on Chuck Wendig's blog he talks about reasons to blog, which is his usual comic bravura performance on why one shouldn't.  My reply is a big F-you Chuck with chicken wings on it.  I blog therefore I am.  Actually I blog for lots of reasons; I like writing (always good), it feels useful (perhaps mostly illusory), I keep a written track of my progress down the path to becoming a published novelist (gives me perspective), and there are no doubt a bunch of other reasons for writing a blog, but I can't think of them at this moment.

Enough of that it's April Fools Day.  A tradition that stretches back centuries.

So what's up Doc?

The usual internet storms: time for another round about the Hugos.  The silent majority remaining silent, which is probably a good thing, because the signal to noise ratio is already too low.  Oh I can feel the will to live slipping away as I write this.  I imagine that if one is undecided on the matter that one sides arguments may persuade one to take a position, or not as the case may be.  What I know about arguments, from research into changing people's opinions, is that it's very hard to change people's opinions, unless people are open to having their opinion changed.  Really much better to agree to disagree, and get on with having fun with one's hobbies and interests, than engage in emotive debate that destroys friendship.

I was thinking of writing an April 1st gag, but the day was cancelled by internet fiat.

So this is another week and another blog narrating the journey towards another novel.  Bad Dog is in the waiting cycle loop, so I've been revising Strike Dog and have now got up to chapter 26, which is about 60,000 words in of what is currently a 97,000 word novel.  During the editing I added and subtracted about 1,390 words (depending on how you count them).  I suspect I will be looking at how I've broken the chapters down on the next pass, because I want to add some extra plot bits to the story.

Back to work now, there's writing to be done, and this weekend I'm off of Dysprosium.

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