Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Work in Progress 29th Apr 2015

Just an interesting picture I found apropos of nothing much really.

End of the month, and a rather overdue work in progress post that goes back to last week, which was side-tracked by all the writing up of my con report about going to Dysprosium.

As I've said before I've been editing the two sequels I've written to the first novel I finished.  Last week I finished the first revision of Ghost Dog, which now runs at 99,615 words.  I edited, as in did a whack-a-mole revision, for all the double words, punctuation slips, and I removed the redundant he said, she said as I could – in short smoothed the rough edges off the first draft.  I also managed to write an additional 5,133 words in amongst the editing; mostly blogs, but I also somehow ended up adding 2,000 words to the text of Ghost Dog.  I've now started working on the feedback I received from one of my new beta readers on Bad Dog too, which has been most gratifyingly positive.  Next up is to start work on a fuller revision of Strike Dog, so as to get it ready to send out for criticism.

Everything grinds along slowly, but it does at least grind along.

Other than that we've been watching films and re-watching Continuum, which is much better than we remembered it, while we thought it was pretty good the first time around.  Having now watched the first two seasons back-to-back it really is very clever, with a solid time-travel MacGuffin that's well thought out for once.  As I write this we're waiting for season three to arrive in the post.

So that's it for another week.  See you all on the bounce.

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