Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Dysprosium: Panel List

I've just heard from the nice people at Dysprosium.  The bad news is that the panel about drones won't be going ahead due to scheduling conflicts, but the good news is that I'm now on three other panels.


Asymmetric Warfare
Bleriot suite, time 16.15 to 17.15.

Despite massive military superiority, armies still lose out to insurgent forces who use asymmetric warfare techniques, some of which might be called terrorism, to pursue their goals away from the conventional battlefield.  How does this work, how does it win, and is there any way to fight against it?  What is the future of global conflict?  How will this influence genre writing about the future, both on and off the battlefield?  How does it affect characters entangled in global conflicts, be they warriors, politicians, refugees or victims?  This panel will use asymmetric warfare as a jumping off point to discuss fiction, world building, and character development in the face of this dramatic contemporary phenomenon.

Dev Agarwal (Moderator), Sean McLachlan, Roger Bell-West and myself.

The Game of the Book
Endeavour suite, time 17:30 to 18.30.

Adaption of games from original source material how true can you be?  Can you keep it playable?

Marcus Rowland, Jim Butcher, Tom Parker, and myself.


Big Boys Toys - Real Superhero Weapons
Discovery suite, time 10:00 to 11.00.

Batarangs, webshooters, fireball throwers and adamantium claws; people have tried them (YouTube has plenty of examples how real and how practicable they are), we demonstrate what other people have done, and judge the results.

Dave Mansfield (Moderator), Steve Lawson, Susan Booth, and myself.

Weekly Update

The sixth draft of my novel is done, and I've corralled a couple of new Beta readers to have a look at it; one of them is a very experienced writer, the other a former USMC Sergeant.  With volunteers like that how could I refuse?  I've also come to the conclusion, at long last some might say, that editing while writing is not easily measured by raw word count i.e: 531 words written.  Whereas what that really represents is three chapters and one novel's worth of editing.

Now the question is will I remember this lesson in the future?

Edit: Updated links and added a panelist for Big Boys Toys.

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