Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Bad Dog Sixth Revolution

Pictures like this one inspired me when writing the underground scenes in Bad Dog.

Monday I finished, as in reached a point defined as I've re-written this text from beginning to end, the sixth draft of my novel Bad Dog; a title that may pique your interest, or not, depending on context.  So looking back over the last week I've written 1,806 words, edited countless more, and reach a running total of 87,981, which when adjusted for afterword, glossary and the list of characters means the story comes in at 85,022 words.

I cling to the total like a drowning person clings to flotsam after their ship has sunk.  I no longer have a handle on what I've written, and by that I mean I can't tell if the writing is any good, or whether the story is boring.

So the plan now is for my Alpha reader to read through it one more time.  We had a discussion in the car while driving back from Brighton at the weekend, where Susan announced she had read Bad Dog more times than any other book apart from her Andre Norton novels.  I can only hope that mine has been worth all her time.

Next up is the re-write of Strike Dog.  Oh the joy of my life, will it never end?

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