Monday, 26 March 2018

Writing Log 2018-03-23

Not a productive week for me.

A hospital check-up has resulted in a referral for a steroidal injection into my wrist, and I'm waiting to hear the results of the x-ray results, which may or may not lead to me having to restart taking medication. That's a worry.

So Monday was a write-off. Tuesday and Wednesday I was working on my Galactic Journey piece. I then worked on and finished the edits for Strike Dog, which meant I could put it up for pre-order. That was a definite win.

Thursday and Friday I struggled with finishing Break Out and failed. Met a block that slowed me to a halt. That's always a bit of a bugger. The problem was how to show not tell in a scene where there's a lot to tell and very little to show. I think I've cracked it, but I've not managed to finish the story.

So, this week I wrote 699 words, which took 12 hours, which means I managed 58 words per hour. I should take myself outside and put myself out of my misery.

My beloved is having a two week break, so I'm taking time off to do some archery, a lot of archery. One competition at Aquarius Archery and preparing for the big Pagoda Shoot run by the Royal Richmond Archery Club, which is a big deal.

So the next two weeks look like the words will remain thin on the ground too. Still, it will give me a chance to post some other stuff up that I've prepared for just this eventuality.

Finish Break Out
Start the edits on Ghost Dog
Get the print versions of Strike Dog sorted out 

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