Monday, 12 March 2018

Writing Log 2018-03-09

Another week, another reflective log. With added soulful, haunting melody of a Cossack dying under the green willow tree.

This last week was quite productive, despite not finishing Break Out, the next story in my The World of Drei series. It helps that I'm not feeling ill anymore.

I managed to focus and my diary records 25.5 hours at the keyboard. I produced 6,536 words, which comes out at 256 words per hour. My target was 7,500 words, which clearly I missed, but it's still my second best total for a week's writing this year.

The problem of speed remains.

At my best I peak around 600 words per hour. But, I'm losing writing time from having to go away and do research, and then getting distracted. Also, in other shocking news–not–I'm just so not a morning person, I'm really not.

However, on the good news front, I've gotten back Regroup from my Beta reader.

My plan for today is to go through the edits and get the story up hopefully by tomorrow. One annoying thing, was discovering a research error, and mistaking two translations as being different ranks, whereas in fact they were different transliterations of the same rank. Doh!

And worse still, it means I have to go through and correct the following story so as to not repeat the mistake.

This means I will also have to go back and update Mission One too.

Deep sigh.

Action Plan
Revise Regroup and publish.
Finish first draft of Breakout
Then finish edits on Strike Dog, deadline end of March.
Start next story

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