Sunday, 22 June 2014

Log 2014 22nd Jun: The Rediscovery of Summer Sunshine

Yesterday we went to  my friend Roger's BBQ.  We had a swim in his pool, where Susan and I screamed like girls as we got in.  The water wasn't that cold, but it felt cold compared to the heat of the day (Susan has prodded me to say it really was cold).  Then we ate too much food, hung out with people, and drank ginger beer and old fashioned lemonade.  It was great to do something fun and chillax (which I believe youngsters say when they are describing having a good time doing nothing much of anything; aftermath here).

Today I finished reading The Rediscovery of Man by Cordwainer Smith.  I bought the NESFA Press hardback a while ago when I discovered it had all of his short stories in it.   I've enjoyed rereading old favourites, and having the chance to read other stories new to me.  I particularly enjoyed re-reading The Lady who Sailed the Soul.  I first read this as a teenager, when visiting the home of a business friend of my father's, who had a box of old SF magazines lying around.  The story was every bit as moving to re-read as it was when I first read it.  While saying this, I should add that Cordwainer Smith's use of language can be a little odd, and or archaic at times, but he is still someone who is well worth reading.

I have a short story out at my writer group with three critiques back so far.  One of the critiques came back and it was clear I had completely lost the reader.  The other two seemed to get it and were generally very positive; as in polish this and send it out for publication kind of positive.  Next weekend I will get the rest of the feedback for comparison.

Other things that have kept me busy this week is emailing my fellow panelists at LonCon, and I'm planning on several more posts with details about the panels I'm on, and the one I'm moderating.  As they say, watch this space.

Meanwhile we have been re-watching Stargate Atlantis, and have just reached the end of season two.  For all its faults I really enjoyed the show, it was a lot of fun.  The quality of the CGI and effects they pulled off were as good as anything before, or since.

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