Sunday, 2 February 2014

Spin Control

Another week, another dollar.  Bit of mixed bag for me this week as I started to come down with a chest infection on Wednesday, and as a result felt a little under the weather.  My partner decided to take Friday off, so I spent it doing relaxing hobby stuff.  

So this weeks writing total was 3,116 words, with the month's running total at 15,920, leaving me 34,472 words into my current novel.  One day was a negative word count day, due to editing and revisions made in light of mistakes I caught, and feedback from my Alpha reader that pushed me to clarify some background world building stuff that I had put off for far too long.

Reading wise I've started Spin Control by Chris Moriarty, re-reading as it has been so long since I read the first two books I wanted to refresh myself about the story and characters before beginning Ghost Spin.  

This is definitely one of those cases where the time between books coming out was so long that one has forgotten why one enjoyed reading them in the first place.  I plan never to have a seven year gap between novels if I can help it.  

I'm speaking with my readers hat on here.  As a writer I can see that things may not be so simple and the time it takes to write a story, is however long it takes the writer to finish it.  

BTW she has a blog here, and a website that is well worth reading here.  Chris is one of those authors I've not met who I would like the opportunity of meeting at some point, she sounds like she would be interesting to hang out with.

On other fronts, my friend Julie Mellors, photographer extraordinaire sent me a book When Cultures Collide by Richard D. Lewis, which I found maddening to read.  

On one hand it gives a good overview of the importance of differences between cultures when doing business with them, on the other it reads like one of those horoscope books that purports to describe all Aquarians as whatever.  It has a bibliography, which is a good point, a glossary and index.  So at least a nod in the right direction, but I would have liked to have seen references, footnotes and statistics to support the statements made.

On what we've been watching this week, well we finished season three of The Professionals.  

Thoroughly enjoyable, probably for all the wrong reasons, but the wit and banter between the three main characters is entertainment at its best.  Next week I guess we will be getting back to Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig, which is one of my all time favourite anime shows.

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