Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Day After Who

Well it has probably not passed by unnoticed by many people that Dr. Who has turned fifty years old, which certainly makes me feel old, because I remember the seeing the first episode way back in 1963 as a child.

The Day of the Doctor by Steven Moffat's was in one word awesome.  I sat and watched it with my beloved and we were both enthralled, and I remember muttering awesome as the first scene of the Dalek fleet doing their thing around the Planet Gallifrey came on screen.  John Hurt's War Doctor upstaging Tennant and Smith at every turn, awesome.  Bilie Piper as the weapon, awesome.  The Zygon breaking the fourth wall and talking about their performance and getting into role, awesome.  The scene with Tom Baker as the curator, awesome.  The arrival of all thirteen of the Doctor's TARDISs to save the day, awesome.  The final scene of all the Doctors, both moving and awesome.  In short the show was the crowning moment of awesome that Dr. Who needed.  Colour me impressed as it hit all the right emotional spots.  I stand in awe.

In other news, struggling to finish A Game of Thrones, which I feel is about a hundred pages too long.  I don't know if this is down to watching the TV series, or what?  So I hope to read the next two books before watching the third series on disc.  It's not as if I find George R. R. Martin's writing difficult to read, so I'm a little puzzled by my response to finishing the story.

My progress ha been good this week with a total of 9,239 words that brings the running total up to 92,771 words.  So I'm well into the end run and finishing the first draft of my third novel.


  1. It is a hard one to finish. Every time I re-read it, it's the same way for me as well. The last 100 pages are always tedious. Not so with the other volumes.

    1. Glad to know it's not just me. It makes me look forward more to reading the next two volumes, but not before I've caught up with some other books I want to read first.

  2. I was 11 when they broadcast An Unearthly Child.



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