Sunday, 18 August 2013

Writing Log 130818: Ghost Dog

Last week I started work on my third novel, working title Ghost Dog.  Due to fighting off the lurg after attending GeekFest for three days last weekend I didn't manage to write everyday, so this weeks total is is only 6,079 words.  This is not as much a I would have liked to have written, but all things considered is pretty good.  What is interesting is that the second chapter has taken me in a new direction for character development that I'm told by my Alpha reader will have serious consequences for me; as in the character will now get truly pissed off at me if I do bad things to those around her.

This is the first time I've really encountered the reader owning the character that I'm writing, which I heard about on the panel where writers were talking about their experiences with their editors at GeekFest.  It is an interesting response that generates quite strong feelings of possessiveness within me.  Still, better now than later.

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