Monday, 8 July 2013

Looper & More Films I've Watched

Running a bit late this week due to spending the weekend in sunny Cambridge at my friends Kate & Malcolm's summer BBQ.  I also sloped off writing last Thursday and Friday and read instead, which was naughty of me too.  Need the break though, but this week must get back into the saddle and finish the novel.  First rule of writing finish what you start.

Stuff I watched this week included Despicable Me, WALL.E and Looper, all of which are well worth spending your valuable time watching.  Bruce Willis was very good at being himself in a story that had his older and younger versions of his character playing the antagonist and protagonist of the story.  Very clever.

Book wise I was entrapped by Mr. Stross, damn you Charlie for writing a page turner I couldn't put down.  I started reading The Bloodline Feud, which is the omnibus edition of the first two books of The Merchant Prince series.  The whole series is now available in three volumes from TOR books.  It is I understand a revised and edited version that is the author's preferred text.  All I can say is that this series has sucked me in, and I am now on book three.

My writing this week has therefore been reduced by the above diversion.  Still I managed to write 4,776 words, bringing the running total up to 81,465.  So I'm in the home stretch on my second novel.

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