Sunday, 21 July 2013

Writing Log 130721

Ah yes four days off from writing that was still like work, for definitions of work that means requires effort from one.  So Monday I wrote 1327 words, which brings the total on the second novel up to 90,664.  So the end is in sight.

The rest of the week I was at the British Association for Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapies annual conference held this year at Imperial College London.  So on Tuesday I attended a workshop Implementing Emotion-Focused Techniques in Schema Therapy led by Jeff Young, which was very useful.  The room was rather too well air conditioned, so we all rushed out in the breaks to warm up in the sweltering heat of the hottest week of the year in London.

Other things I went to were number of key note speeches and several panel discussions that were very thought provoking, and I may well write about on my CBT blog.  The most useful being a talk on the Integrated Volitional/Motivational Model of suicidality.

Didn't really read much this week, though I did watch some episodes from the Japanese animation series Ghost in the Shell, which I will no doubt talk more about next week.  So Monday it is my nose back to the grindstone to try and finish Strike Dog.

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