Friday, 26 April 2013

Writing Log 130428

This has been a difficult week for me.  Some of the reasons are from four poor nights sleep due to the pain I get from having rheumatoid arthritis.  The other problem was getting stuck on one of the chapters I was writing.

So I spent one whole day researching what I needed to know to be able to write said chapter, and the other day was spent outlining the novel and ending up with twenty-five chapters.  Each chapter has a title, notes with a least one scene in each, and some with more than one major scene.

I had been putting off the outlining, because I had doubts the story I was telling, but the doubts were ultimately addressed after I sat and spent all day outlining.  Ironic, or what?  For me it felt like I needed to get words down before I could outline, because during my first novel that was what happened then.  The difference was that this time I needed to get less words out before I needed to do the outline.

So I'm now five chapters in for a total of 17,062 words.  This week I wrote 4499 words and my first three weeks running total stands at 17,124.  Compared to when I was writing Bad Dog I was at 13,303 words at the same point in time, so I'm ahead by 3759 words.  Looking at my diary I see that the following week was when my word count took off on Bad Dog, so it will be interesting to see if the same occurs with the sequel.

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