Sunday, 14 April 2013

Writing Log 130414: Strike Dog

Well I had two weeks off from writing to share holiday time with my partner, which was good even though the weather was freezing cold.  So in between going out and doing stuff together, meals and movies, I read a lot of new books too. 

So the plan mostly survived contact with reality.  I did work through Bad Dog for typos and double words.  I did work on a plot outline for the sequel.  I've started the articles for Henry at Miniature Wargames magazine, and as I said I read some books including stuff on the USMC officer training.  I even did a couple of blogs.

However, my intention re-write my first novel has stalled again, even though I spent some time eviscerating the outline and restructuring the plot and working out what needed to be done, I found myself writing Strike Dog instead.

Strike Dog is the working title for the sequel to Bad Dog.  Clearly I'm in the groove, or caught in a rut depending on one's perspective, and I find myself driven to write about the world of Bad Dog.  So this week I only managed to write for four days due to going off to Bisley for research, so the total numbers of words was 7418, which is not quite two thousand a day.

What was interesting was the emotional wave I rode this week getting back into the saddle, which triggered the usual negativity writers seem to suffer from when writing.  However, what was interesting was using my diary to compare and contrast the first weeks total when I started Bad Dog, which was a mere 2734 words to this weeks total of 7418.  Lesson here is don't allow negativity to put you off writing.

So rule number two is keep a diary of the number of words that you write each day.

Rule number one remains write every working day.

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