Sunday, 21 April 2013

Writing Log 130421

Been a busy week for other stuff.  In this case going to the RAF museum at Hendon on Thursday, and Salute at the ExCeL Centre on Saturday, which has impacted on my writing this week.  Not just because of the time taken out from writing, but rather by how exhausted I felt after the long day walking around on Thursday.

Still mustn't grumble, could be worse.

So progress this week on Strike Dog was 6209 words for the week and a running total of 13,621.  Still way ahead of the situation I was in during the first draft of Bad Dog where after two weeks I had only written 7316 words in total.  I find it useful now to compare my progress, because I find my moods have been a bit down about my work.  This was especially bad on Friday when I was in so much pain from all the walking I did the day before.

However, on Saturday when I was at Salute, the South London Warlords annual wargames show, a couple of friends of mine were also complaining of being in pain.  Having them tell me this actually helped me to put things into perspective about my own pain.  Sometimes it is just so damn difficult to keep an objective perspective on something that is so subjective.

Anyway, pain is natures way of telling you that you are still alive.  The alternative, is as the say, worse.

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