Friday, 22 March 2013

Bludgeoning a Novel

Yesterday I took out my first ever novel The Bureau, and beat it into submission.  Having just finished the first draft of my third novel, Bad Dog I could now look back on my first born, see the problems I was having with it, and why they were problems.  We don't talk about the second born as that was terminated due to not owning the IP for the setting.

The title for my first novel was The Bureau, which got a big thumbs down on the writing course I attended a little while ago.  Once I explained why it was called The Bureau people understood, but felt that it lacked punch.  So today after beating the words I had written into a different shape I'm thinking of going with State of Mind as the title (update I changed my mind, and went back to The Burea until something better comes to mind).

Pitch line for State of Mind aka The Bureau WIP: The Professionals meets Call of Cthulhu.

Synopsis:  Two men face a darkness that leads to reality changing around them.  One thinks he is going mad, while the other runs from organized crime lords. Two stories, one dark truth.

Let me know what you think.

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