Tuesday 16 March 2021

Fell Off the Map, Again

I'm good, as in still alive and kicking. Not a certainty in these troubled time given I've just heard that a close friend's father died two weeks ago. 

I've got my first Covid jab, and no real side-effects from the vaccine apart from finding my rheumatoid arthritis flared up, which has affected the quality of my sleep. For me this isn't painful as such, it's more that I get really hot at night and that wakes me up and I throw the cover off to cool down. 

If I fall to sleep, while the cover is off, then I wake up cold and stiff as a board. It's a fine balance.

Anyway, end result is that I'm so far behind on all my projects that I've come full circle and it all feels like doing things afresh. That's a joke JIC.

Catch you all later.

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