Tuesday, 1 May 2018


Shooting at 80 yards: first time I've gotten all six arrows onto the target while shooting left-handed.

It has been a week of editing.

Did a few new words on Two Moons in the moments in-between grappling with Ghost Dog, but only managed 1,474 new words, averaging 235 words per hour.

Putting that into perspective, I cut 8,511 out of Ghost Dog, which is a thing. The third novel now runs at 89,476 words, which hopefully means it will read faster. And be more fun to read too.

My weekend was spent doing archery. Practice on Saturday, then the Tri-club shoot on Sunday. I managed to shoot ten points over my handicap, which I was very pleased with.

Out loud read of Ghost Dog, then new words. Need to get back into my writing groove.

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