Monday, 12 February 2018

Writing Log 2018-02-09

Another week of me writing about the Russian winter in The World of Drei series...

And if you thought last weeks YouTube link was to a melancholic-jolly Russian folk song, just read the lyrics as they sing this one, which can loosely be translated as, Loving Brothers.

BTW. Victor Sorokin has an amazing voice.

Yep, a couple of short stories have turned into a bigger project. Though I still plan to publish this as a series of novelettes, I can see a novel–probably several novels in this universe. And by series, I mean this is a serial.

One of the things I quite like about classic SF was the fact that authors would write short stories and then link them together, called a fix-up, to produce a novel.

I'm kinda of doing the opposite.

I'm writing a novel or three, breaking them down into chunks for release, because ebooks makes this easy to do. And once I get enough words for a print edition, I'll package the stories as collections. But because I have a story arc from the get go, I can make the series flow.

And if I mess up, which can happen–hey this is an experiment–then I can correct the mistakes when I make the fix-up. See what I did there?

So I'm having fun.

Word count this week 4,028, which took 18 hours, so I averaged 212 words per hour. This is the fall out from having email problems that ate time, and one day cut in half due to other demands, which meant less writing got done.

Projects in Progress
The World of Drei – The war is the dawn of artificial intelligence, expands
Strike Dog – Edit and layout sidetracked by above fun
Ghost Dog – Still on hold, until I've finished Strike Dog, ditto
The Bureau – Still on hold, see above for reasons, likewise
Two Moons – Sidequel story, still noodling, basically on hold
Dead Dogs – First in a new trilogy, still noodling, ditto

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