Friday, 29 May 2015

Tanith Lee

Tanith Lee died last weekend after a long illness, which I understand was cancer.  I was shocked by her passing.  I had the pleasure of having a meal with her many years ago, and she was an interesting woman, quirky, and just a little bit strange.  Like most creative authors I guess.

Very much a sad memento mori.

This week I've been struggling with a chapter in Strike Dog trying to knock it into shape.  Up my game and all that jazz.  The chapter has not been co-operating with me.  So it's still not finished.  It's also been another of those weeks where some days have negative numbers, and checking my diary I see that I wrote 1,402 new words and this brings the running total up to 100,282 words, which makes it the longest draft I've written so far.

Other than we've been on a Superman jag.  Watched the first two Richard Donner movies with Christopher Reeve, which are really lightweight rom-coms when you boil the stories down to their basics.  They've not dated well either, but Margot Kidder was impressive, because she looked like a normal woman.  It's not what we've become accustomed to when watching Hollywood movies today, where the women are so beautiful it's hard to credit how good looking they are.  We're now watching Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, which while it has also dated still manages to be rather charming.

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