Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Work in Progress: 21st Jan 2015

Another week of writing has passed.  Looking at my diary where I log my writing progress I see I've been mostly working on articles for Miniature Wargames & Battlegames magazine.  So over the last week I've written 10,049 words spread across the five articles.  All of the articles require me to go off and check what I'm saying is right, and this takes time.  More time than I would like.  This means that no one article is finished, so I've decided I need to focus on one of them and finish it

As for my novel The Bureau I've been distracted, for reasons see above.

I've been using this distraction to think about stuff that's niggling me about the plot of my fourth novel, and by plot I really mean story.  The difference between plot and story is that the first is structural and the second is what scenes you choose to write to tell the story.  The latter has been my main stumbling block, because having taken the novel out of the bottom draw after 25 years I've forgotten how a lot of scenes were supposed to connect to one another.

So that's it until next time.

Edit:  I forgot to add that this week I received another rejection for my short story Territory, which is obviously a bit of disappointment, but I it had a nice line that while the story was not what the editor was looking for, he hoped to see more stories from me in the future.  This was very heartening, because it's the firsts sign I've had that an editor thought what I'd written was promising.

Addendum: You may have noted I've revised the tags under the labels column, as is my won't.  In this case to reduce the list down to a more manageable size to scroll down.  So all TV series and Films will fall under the appropriate tag, rather than adding a separate entry for each.

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