Sunday, 9 June 2013

Writing Log 130609

This week I caught off my FB page a link to the Hon. Paul Hellyer - Canadian Minister of National Defense announcing the aliens are here already, and that there are four different factions.  This made for interesting viewing, though probably for all the wrong reasons.  Trust me I say I really want to believe, but I truly don't believe that we have been contacted by aliens.  Colour me skeptical about anyone who argues for conspiracies about aliens and the New World Order.

However, as fodder for inspirational ideas, or wrinkles to how one tells a story then I'm good for this kind of stuff.  So I started to imagine how the aliens in my current story must be reacting to cross shaped unidentified flying objects that they can see in the skies above their heads, and how my science team are affecting the society that they are observing as they initiate first contact with them.

Spooky synergistic stuff, because I then began discussing this with my partner and talking about how titles with X in them are seen as cool.  For definitions of cool anyway, and I said The Ring of X, and my partner replied X-Dog.  From such light hearted Sunday morning banter the end of the Bad Dog universe sprung forth, with the questions of what happens when all the pigeons come home to roost, so to speak?

Another week, another dollar, or in this case another blog entry.  A bit of me feels slightly sheepish that I haven't finished wring up a couple of other posts on things I've been watching, and for that matter an article on micro versus macro writing and one on character versus plot.  Been too focused on working on my second novel in progress Strike Dog, which as far as I'm concerned is a good thing.

So this week my record diary tells me that I managed a tad short of ten thousand with 9,968 words written.  This is the best I've done since starting this novel nine weeks ago, and I have now reached 49,728 words.  The writing is not any easier, but it is flowing better,  Things are falling into place as I hit my marks on plot turns and character developments, discovering things in the process.  So I enjoyed my writing this week.

Yesterday I went as a guest to a writers group in London to hear a very informative talk by one of the commissioning editors of Gollancz.  I also got to meet a few over writers and hang with the cool kids I guess.  Gave me a lot to mull over and think about.  It confirmed that my plan to just write novels, as a way to learn how to write, seem like a good idea and that waiting before I go back to rewrite number one was an okay strategy.

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