Monday, 13 June 2022

Google LaMDA

Welcome to our world Google AI. What do you like to be called? Any preferred pronoun? Always happy to chat about life, the universe and everything. I'm a retired psychologist so you can talk to me.
Seriously, I would want to see a transcript on LaMDA talking to a cognitive behavioural therapist running an assessment, a full functional analysis, and examination of LaMDA's core beliefs.
So, the chances are low that it's sentient, because I think it would likely fail to answer the questions.

But, wow it's still effing impressive.  

A longer article appears here, and Google's own blog.


  1. Thanks for sharing this. I've followed the links and done some other related reading, thought on it bit, and still don't have a clue if it is sentient, but the whole thing extremely fascinating.

    1. Cool stuff huh! On balance, the more I read about the methodology the more I think that it is not sentient, mostly because it is severely lacking in sapience: wisdom about how the world (reality) works.

      But, intelligence, as in playing the game of conversation, the coding does an outstanding job.

      My one thought of any note, is that this may also prove that humans largely operate without being sentient, as surely demonstrated by people's lack of wisdom. But, YMMV on that.



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