Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Other Dimensions

I'm not qualified to answer the question. Not sure anyone is, as in can we take some theory and try to prove it/disprove it? 

Still, I like to think that we do live in a universe with more than three dimensions and time because the idea fascinates me with so many what ifs?

What ifs? are at the foundation of the SF. It is what makes SF a genre. Not mundane what ifs? But the big questions about life, the universe and everything. Cue standard response...

Things are difficult at the moment for me. So, just another post as proof of life. Enjoy.


  1. Both as part of my gaming hobby, and independent of it, I often find myself in mental exercises, sometimes very similar to the line of thought in the video, and often totally unrelated.

    Frequently these exercises lead to questions, which I conclude that we cannot know the answers. Intellectually, it is easy for me to accept that we may be limited, such that we are incapable of embracing that which which we would like or that may readily surround us. To do otherwise, would simply be futile, and at the same time, I endlessly wonder about these things, often repeatedly ending at that one conclussion.

    Emotionally, I arrive at the conclussion, of being destined to not know, with a profound sense of sadness, a sense of loss for that which by "design" can never be. There is an irony in the illogic of it.

    In the end, we are a collection of emotional, intellectual, and physical capacity, the limits dictated by evolution, and only meant to grant a certain degree of survivabiity in our immediate environment. We are simply critters trying to get by which clearly means very different things to different critters).

    Thanks for posting the video, and hope that things get better for you soon.

    1. It seems we share certain interests beyond the obvious ones. Thank you for commenting. Most appreciated.



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