Monday, 17 February 2020

Tachikoma's Command Dog

Outside of the drive to visualize the mecha that appear in my novels, I've also wanted to run wargames in my setting, which I guess is pretty nerdy when you think about it.

Though the word wargame is too strong a word for what is ultimately an activity that involves either pushing bits of cardboard or small models around a table, and throwing dice.

I have a largish collection of wargaming figures that I've bought over the years, and my friends know that I love to make my own designs. This involves me converting models to more closely represent a specific version, or more often than not, doing extensive kit-bashing to make what I want.

Above is my latest miniature, a model to represent Captain Tachikoma's new ride that will feature on the cover of Red Dogs: a Marine Corps CASE-2XC-Mod-2E.

I like to think of this as inspiration through model making.



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