Monday, 22 January 2018

Writing Log 2018-01-19

Well, look what we have here.

Yep, bona fide paperback copies of Bad Dog. Colour me happy.

But that was a bit of a distraction on the day. So, this weeks work wise I managed 17.25 hours writing, wrote 5141 number of words, and averaged 298 words per hour.  The hourly word rate slightly down on last week, but not by much, and the total of number of new words written up by nearly 1300 words.

I'll take that as a win, even if I failed to reach my goal I still produced new words.

My World of Drei short story came back from my Alpha reader who told me it wasn't a short story, but rather it need to be longer. This story I'm focusing on openings, cliffhangers, and characters, as part of developing my craft. She liked it, but wanted more, because what I written didn't quite deliver what it promised.

Oh boy!

So, I expanded the short story from circa 5000 words so that now runs at a tad over 9600 words. From this I have an idea for a sequel short story, which again may end up longer than 7500 words.

Also, I have revised the cover and contents of Terror Tree, and enrolled it in Amazon's Kindle Direct program, which means it's now available as part of the Kindle Unlimited subscription service. If anyone who has the first version wants the update, contact me through the site and we can sort something out.

As always, thank you for reading.

Projects in Progress
Strike Dog – Fact checking still a work in progress
Ghost Dog – Editing continues, mostly because I didn't do any
World of Drei – See above
The Bureau – Still on hold
Two Moons – Sidequel story, still noodling
Dead Dogs – First in a new trilogy, still noodling

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