Thursday, 28 December 2017

Bad Dog – Now Available

You will die like a dog for no good reason.
—Ernest Hemingway 

Story Summary
In 2071, Sergeant Tachikoma leads a Marine combat armor squad. She knows the Corps never promised her a rose garden, only the chance to fight for her country.

Now, she faces her greatest challenge, two terrifying alien pillars that trapped her into reliving the same day again. The day she dies.

Today, she needs every ounce of courage to save her people from annihilation.
Based on cutting-edge theories on the nature of the universe, this white knuckle military SF thriller contains drama and mystery.
“This story is great, with a very firm grasp of the Marine Corps lifestyle.”

– Sgt D. Barrow, USMC

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  1. Congratulations for the release!
    Just bought it and perfect timing to read over the ret of my Xmas break

    1. Awesome, I hope you enjoy it.

      If you can find time to leave a review that would be most helpful too.

      Happy New Year.

  2. Finished yesterday.
    Left wanting more!!
    Really good narrative and pace of action
    Have put a review at Amazon US

    1. Cheers, you are a star.

      Strike Dog is in the works; finishing the copy edit corrections, commissioning the cover, and typesetting.

      Patience will be rewarded.



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