Saturday, 24 December 2016

Xmas Salutations

A tumultuous year, with lots of things happening, both good and bad.  So it will be interesting to look back at things in a year's time and see what has happened.  Until then, enjoy the holiday.


  1. Love the tree. Merry Christmas!

    1. Susan says, " The tree decoration this year is inspired by the 1728 entry in Ephraim Chamber's Cyclopædia: or, An Universal Dictionary of Arts and Sciences; for the word INTERSTELLA.

      “Interstellar, is a word used by some authors to express those parts of the universe that are without and beyond our Solar system; in which are supposed to be several other systems of planets moving around the fixed stars as the centers of their respective motions: and if it be true, as it is not improbable, that each fixed star is thus a sun to some habitable orbs, that move round it, the interstellar world will be infinitely the greater part of the universe.”

      There are a number of stars at the top, some with planets nearby. The tree itself represents the ever finer branching of all aspects of life. The birds in the lower branches are stand-ins for the different forms of life one might suppose to inhabit some of the orbs. The lights represent the heavenly arch of the firmament, where now we know that many of the stars are actually galaxies in their own right.

      Most of these tree decorations I have used this year come from my grandparents and could be old enough to be Edwardian. The lametta is modern (doesn't hang as well as the proper lead stuff), as are the led lights. Our artificial tree is from Tesco, bought 19 years ago for our first Christmas together.

      The presents underneath are... well, presents! And "The Kittens", despite being plush toys, have somehow inveigled themselves into the top branches; no doubt waiting for a suitable opportunity to pounce once there is a rustling of paper this morning."



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