Saturday, 11 June 2016

An Update

I was reviewing my writing progress or lack of it a couple of weeks ago.  I discovered that I effectively hadn't written anything to do with my two unfinished novels for two months.  So I restarted work on Ghost Dog.  The first day getting back into the writing was difficult, and I only managed to work through 2766 words, which was a bit rubbish.

Over the next two weeks I found my writing mojo and finished the remaining 39,174 words.  This was an out loud read-through and edit of the third draft which means it's now ready to send to my Alpha reader for her input.  When she sends it back I will do another quick revision to get it ready to send out to my Beta reader.

As a result, I've now started work on the next draft of Strike Dog, having read my Beta reader's feedback.  One thing is becoming clear to me, it seems I'm completely tense deaf.  Not sure what I can do about this, because given my age, educational background etc. it will be hard to change.  Not because I can't remember the rules, but because I'm oblivious to the changes in tense when reading.

What can I say?  Must try harder.

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