Thursday, 25 February 2016

Work Update

I've not written anything new since the fifteenth of this month, partly down to exhaustion and other work commitments.  In this case from having a part time job and having to get back into the rhythm of commuting to work and acclimatizing to the culture.  I'd forgotten what working for the NHS is like, though in this case I've landed on my feet and the department I'm in is lovely.  However, I have to play catch-up with process and systems, and get back into the saddle, which means making sure my core skills are up to date with current practice.

I'm a qualified cognitive behavioural therapist, which means I deliver psychological interventions to clients.  It is at best a demanding job, and at worse can be overwhelming when dealing with very distressed clients.  Hence my lack of reports on my writing.

My writing is currently in a good place, as in I know what I need to do and have a plan how to do it.  The only problem is how to accommodate the change in my working pattern and develop new writing habits because I no longer have the luxury of writing full-time.  Other than that I'm good.

The other good thing is that the change in my work patterns means my plans for blogging has been renewed, and by that I mean I can justify some time to writing about things here that are not about the work in progress but about other stuff I want to write about.  This has been a bit of a problem for me over the last year because it felt hard to justify taking the time off from writing the novel to write about my interests.  Having an income stream makes life easier.

I can also report that after over a year of pain my wrist is slowly starting to improve.  I put this down to a combination of things.  Doing less typing, ironic I know, the second cortisone injection, and having worn a wrist splint for three months.  I've been advised to wear it for another month and to gradually reduce the amount of time I wear it, with the caveat of still using it when using the computer mouse.

So that's it for another week.

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