Sunday, 10 January 2016

First Week Back - Running Late

Getting back into the saddle after the Xmas break is definitely a thing.  I've spent this week getting back into the rewrite/editing of Ghost Dog and finding it hard because of too many distractions.

These include having thoughts about the feedback I've received of Strike Dog from my Beta readers, which I'm not actioning until I get the last lot back from Clive, who if he is reading this will no doubt think I'm chivying him.  I'm not Clive, you have until the end of January.  The other big distraction was answering the questions the editor had about Bad Dog.

So last week I managed work on three chapters of Ghost Dog, total 10,030 words, and gnawed by anxiety I reviewed and revised the first five chapters again for a total of 11,777 words, which is OK given all the distractions and losing track of where I was.

Yesterday I got back the editorial copy Bad Dog and on Monday I will start work on reviewing the changes.  So, I'm rather excited about that and it's all good.

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