Wednesday, 18 February 2015

PicoCon 32

We went to PicoCon 32 on Saturday.  I've lost count of how many I've been to over the last 32 years, but I guess about half of them.  PicoCon is a small relaxed convention that the Imperial College Science Fiction & Fantasy Society runs every year.  This year they were running the convention as a two day event, which has happened at least once before.  We only went on the Saturday, because we have other things that must be done at the weekend.  PicoCon is nice, but it's not what you'd call densely programmed convention as it only has one stream of activities, and the huckster room was three traders.

Still the ICSF manage as always to invite an interesting selection of people talking and this year they had Cory Doctorow and Frances Hardinge on Saturday.  Both were excellent speakers, and Cory is extraordinary in his ability to set positive trends in difficult times.

The next picture below is of Ian McDonald, and my friend Kari Sperring, and I was gutted to find that Keri's talk was on Sunday.  We spoke with her briefly on Saturday before she had to go and do stuff, being a guest of honour and all.

I also managed to miss the talk Life on Mars by Steve Cutts that was on Saturday, due to running late with having lunch in the Student Union bar/restaurant.

But here's a Drop Box link, which you can click on to go listen to the talks.  This is courtesy of my friend Chad Dixon who graciously gave me permission to use his pictures too.  Warning big files and you need a Drop Box account.  I hope you all enjoy listening to the talks as much as I did?

To finish off this weeks blog post, I look back over the last week and see I've written 2,648 words.

This is a lot better than the 570 words of the previous week's entry, but still not really good enough.  Trundle out excuses, and I have a few, because it was my birthday on Monday and I got distracted a couple of days before and after the event.  We even had a game of Star Wars: X-Wing, which you can even read about here, which is the gaming equivalent of crack-cocaine that even non-gamers find fun to play.

Still I remind myself that while editing is writing, it's not always about the word count when one is in editorial mode.  So, see you all on the bounce.

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