Sunday, 14 December 2014

Log 2014 Dec 14th: Writing Update

This last week I feel I've spinning my wheels going nowhere fast.

The progress I've made on the The Bureau has been dismal.  The first week back in the saddle on this project saw me re-read my work to date, do an editing pass, and write 301 words.  This week I only managed to write a further 702 words, bringing the running total up 47,556.  Quite frankly I've seen glaciers move faster.

About the only excuse I have for this abysmal performance is feeling ill.  I've had a bit of a chesty cough all week, but my body hasn't quite decided whether or not I'm actually going to come down with something.  Still no excuse really.

I have done some other writing: 2,201 words on an article called Escalation – The Last War, which will in turn form the basis of two entries for my other blog (plus it took an unreasonably long time to take the pictures to go with this article, and I still have more to do).  So if I'm being generous I've written 2,905 words this week.  Actually that's still a pretty dismal total.

Not to mention the gnawing anxiety as I wait for the editorial report on Bad Dog, which may or may not come before Xmas.

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