Sunday, 18 May 2014


I forgot to take a camera with me, so no picture of my partner firing a longbow at an archery competition.  I went to offer moral support, and cheer etc.  My plan was to read a book, but I got caught up in watching everyone shooting.

This week I managed to finish the rewrites for the the twelve chapters in act two of my novel Bad Dog.  So far the first two acts have taken me nine weeks, which feels like far too long, but like most things in life, things go at the speed they go.  On the other hand I do feel as if I've got my writing mojo back, in so far as I've started to dream about writing stories, and yes I make notes, which feels good.

I'm running late today, from watching the archery, so I shall cut this post short, wish you all well, and catch you on the bounce.

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