Thursday, 24 April 2014

A Minority Report

By the power of Castle Grey Skull, sorry I mean the European Union, I now find I belong to a minority.  I woke up thinking I'm British, only to find I'm Cornish. Oh how we laughed and cried at the news in our household after breakfast, what with my partner being born in Cornwall, and my mum being Cornish.  I wonder if I will have to wear the Cornish flag on my clothes to identify myself now? 

We are so grateful to be labelled as part of a new minority that we are thinking about going out later to celebrate the good news by buying a Cornish pasty to celebrate.

PS: I have a weird sense of humour and find this very funny.  YMMV.


  1. Perhaps the Duchy could claim independence? It makes about as much sense as Scotland.

    Anyway, I thought you were already in a minority, you know, one of the ten percent of the population who uses their brain on occasion.

  2. This is a good head scratcher. Was this something those living in Cornwall wanted? I mean an you live in Cornwall claim to be Cornish and be considered a minority all at the same time. Funny in a strange way. You are taking it well. ☺


    1. I'm sure someone did, otherwise it wouldn't have happened. I no longer live in Cornwall, and it has been several years since we were last there for a holiday. The whole minority thing is the thin edge of a wedge IMO, and as long as it's benign, who cares? Not I.