Sunday, 12 January 2014


As I said here we really got bitten by season one of Grimm, and my partner went and ordered season two, which we are now nearly at the end of watching.  Seriously addictive fun, and it is nice to see the format of the show develop with all the hints about the background of the world.  While the cast is largely male centric it does have several strong female characters, and it passes the Bechdel test too.  So highly recommended.

Work wise this week I've started my fourth novel, which was the one I abandoned back at the beginning of last year to write my Military SF trilogy.  This one's working title is The Bureau, which will be changed as and when I can decide on a better name for it.  The first couple of days were spent picking apart the earlier draft and compiling a version that I was happier with.  The next day was spent redoing the outline and putting in a five act structure, adding characters to the story bible, and doing research.

By end of all that I was feeling less than awesome, because it's a lot of work that doesn't feel like one has a lot to show for it, but as they say writing is writing.  Got down to drafting the first new chapter one, to replace the old chapter one and managed to 3,258 words done this week.  This brings the first draft up to 21,789 words.  I've also realized that I wrote 18,552 words last year that I hadn't accounted for, but I've decided to compile them with this years totals instead, just because I can really.

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