Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Mad Scientist's Daughter

End of week three on the third novel.  I've been assiduously keeping track of my writing this year and it's interesting, for values of interesting to me, to compare the writing totals for each.  For Bad Dog I managed to write 13,303 words in the first three weeks, Strike Dog 18,124 words, and Ghost Dog 23,198 words; this seems to suggest that I'm getting better at maintaining steady progress from just the process of sitting down to write five days a week on my writing.  What I think is referred to as the craft of writing; techniques and practice.  This weeks total was 8,103 words, which included one day where I ended up writing six words, because I had a negative total from deleting a earlier passage that contradicted a later passage in the novel.  First time that has happened to me, but I expect that when I finish Ghost Dog and go back for the rewrites this will be a more common phenomenon.

Still watching Stargate SG1, now working through season three.  Some real heart breaking episodes especially when Daniel Jackson's arc gets re-booted with the death of Shauri; a real tear jerker after all this time searching for her and having his friend kill her to save his life.

On the reading front I'm well into a free book I got at Nine Worlds GeekFest called The Mad Scientist's Daughter by Cassandra Rose Clarke, which is accurately described by its subtitle: A Tale of Love, Loss and Robots.  So not my usual reading matter, but it's charmingly written and quite engaging, if rather lacking in 9mm gun action.  Okay that's it for another week, catch you all on the bounce.

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